Diet Pill 1: Ketone Premium

Diet Pill 1: Ketone Premium

Ketone Premium contains raspberry ketones (4-hydroxyphenyl)B\ butan-2one; RK), a 100% natural enzyme that is present in the red raspberry. This enzyme is mostly used to combat obesity and aid in weight loss.

Researchers have proven, by conducting lab tests, that compounds with similar chemical structure, such as synephrine and capsaicin, produce a strong lipolytic activity which results in the breaking down of fat cells.

Have a look at the video below where these claims are scientifically proven:

Important facts about the fat burning properties of Ketone Premium:

• The product has been clinically tested. Ketone Premium increases the processing of fat in the body and stimulates weight loss.
• Ketone is the main ingredient of the red raspberry. Raspberries are often called super-fruit because of their capacity to break down fat cells.
• Ketone Premium is a 100% natural supplement, free from synthetic chemicals and fillers.


Raspberry Ketones
An enzyme found in red raspberries with powerful fat burning capacity.

Bee Pollen
Bee pollen contain lecithin, which help boost your metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process.

Green tea
Green tea is also known for its powerful metabolism boosting properties. It stimulates weight loss and provides energy.

This comes from the Amazon and is known for its ability to break down fat cells and turn them into energy.

Citrus Aurantium
Curbs your appetite, burns calories and boosts your metabolism.

White kidney beans
Reduce the amount of starch which is converted into sugar during digestion.

Cleanse Premium is a 100% natural cleansing formula, used daily by thousands of people. In combination with Ketone Premium, this cleanser detoxifies the body and stimulates the fat burning process in a safe and gentle way.

Intestinal walls may contain up to four kilos of undigested food. Over time, these residues can become toxic, and seriously affect your health. Cleanse Premium flushes out the waste in a 100% natural way, purifying the intestines. Not only will this process optimize the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, Cleanse Premium also helps to increase the body’s metabolism.

Cleanse Premium guarantees:

• Purification of the intestinal system
• Healthy digestion
• Destruction of intestinal parasites
• Fast fat burning
• Fast weight Loss

The simultaneous use of Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium yields the very best results.

Client testimonials (4 of 1023):


Testimonial: ok so i was working out like crazy and i wasnt seeing the results i was wanting. about a month after my workouts began i hadnt lost what i was wanting i did some research and heard what dr. oz said about ketones. i ordered these and within a week i had lost about 3 pds. i continued to add these to my diet and i still lost some weight. i did notice that i stopped losing weight after about 3 weeks. i had to go to the vitamin shop and get a stronger dosage.


Testimonial:I tried this product on the recommendation of Dr. OZ and was not disappointed in the results. I upped my intake to 2 caps a day taken in the morning and that seemed to hit the sweet spot. I have lost about 2 lbs. a week and will soon be within the weight range suggested. Give it a try.


Testimonial: Jury is still out on this product. Within the first week I lost 6 lbs, was limiting calorie intack and excersising. But now for the past 2 weeks I''m stuck and haven''t lost anything. I''m still taking it but not sure if it is helping with the weight loss or not.


Testimonial: I have had great success with the Raspberry Ketones. They have supressed my appetite and I have lost 15 pounds over the last 6 months.

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