Sexy Forever

Sexy Forever

How to Fight Fat after Forty

The Review:

It''s true, Suzanne Somers saved my life. Let me begin at the beginning.

First, I am 68 years old, no spring chicken but no dray horse ready to be put out to pasture or to sleep, either. On March 22, 2010, I weighed 267 pounds.

My life was nearly unbearable: I was taking infusions once a month for rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis, I was using inhalers and nebulizers daily for Copd, my sleep was sporadic at best, and I was stuck like a hamster on a wheel between eating and thinking about eating, eating and thinking about my next food reward. I believe if my life hadn''t changed that day (why that day out of all the days of my life? I have no idea) if my life hadn''t changed that day, I was destined to die a slow, miserable death, just as I had been living a slow, miserable life. March 22 was the day I gave up, the day the terrible part of me, the self-destructive part of me, died. It was on that day I started a life-altering change in thinking, diet and workout that has given me life once again, that has added me to better health than I liked 20 years ago, and has restored my will, my confidence and my gratitude for the cool life we have available to us if we select to live it.

On that day, after talking with Suzanne Somers, I committed to a complete overhaul of the way I lived. I started to take supplements to replace the life-giving and enhancing elements which had been absent from my nutrition plan, I stopped eating whatever and whenever I pleased and began eating 5 small food daily, and I started to walk every day, at least one mile to begin with, as long as it took to complete. I got rid of the starches and carbohydrates that made me fat and sluggish. I shelved potatoes, rice, pasta and bread, all of which I dearly like.

I no longer eat sweets, including the ice cream that I consumed by the half gallon, if I purchased it I ate it, and the candy and cookies I craved. And I haven''t been deprived. I eat meat, vegetables, salads, berries, and more meals than I can name, and I don''t spend afternoons and evenings partially asleep as my organism struggles to digest the burden placed upon it as by those former food eaten in a former time. From a mile per day with three to four stops for pain and shortness of breath, I have increased my workout to more than three miles per day, recently completing a 10 kilometer walk, 6.

2 miles, at an average speed of four miles per hour, without stopping once. I am no longer receiving infusions, nor do I require a nebulizer or inhalers. My doctors are thrilled, they ask me what my secret is. I tell them: Suzanne Somers.

In short, I have reborn as the result of my efforts in implementing the suggestions so graciously and generously provided to me by Suzanne, the same basic plan presented in Sexy Forever. What is that change worth to me? Beyond measurement in dollars and cents. I hit the lottery. And, if you''re willing to make a commitment to your life and better health, you can, too.

Oh, by the way, on my birthday in November, I weighed 186 pounds. Down 81 pounds in 8 months. And I maintain that weight today. My commitment is firm.

If you''re trying to decide whether to purchase "Sexy Forever", purchase it. It just might save your life.

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